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Lightning Protection Operative Training

The Academy provides lightning protection operative training for all.  Also, there are no formal entry requirements needed. And, it has been designed to suit all, whether you have no knowledge or have many years of experience working within the Lightning Protection sector or with similar skillsets.

All lightning protection training, when completed, is accompanied by a certificate which can be used as proof of competence, approved prior learning (APL) & continual professional development (CPD).

Additionally, all the lightning protection training can also be used towards gaining one or all of the three recognised NVQ Qualifications.

Lightning Protection Operative Training eLearning

The Academy provides the following lightning protection operative training as eLearning. Get started straight away with just a couple of clicks and, of course, payment. 

There is a Free Trial here.

Why get your lightning protection operative training with the academy?

The tutors are all highly competent & qualified, direct from the lightning protection industry with many years of experience & knowledge, they hold all the lightning protection NVQ Qualifications and many more as well, such as the educational qualifications required to teach from apprentice level thru to adult learners of all levels & age groups. This insight and experience is conveyed into learning to contextualise and enhance the e-learning experience. We don’t provide generalist training; we just teach the disciplines that we have genuine expertise in, and our tutors have a proven track record in this discipline

What is the academy’s aim?

The aim of the courses are to enable you to acquire knowledge and understanding using a mode of study that fits in with your work and other commitments. Different people will be able to allocate different amounts of time per week to follow the course. The important thing is that you go at your own pace in order to ensure that you understand and learn the information which it contains. All information needed will be provided by the study unit text in progressive and logical ways.

The academy provides;

  • Bespoke lightning protection training courses to meet the specific requirements to allow you to commence with the related tasks associated with lightning protection systems (LPS).
  • In short, it is your course, you do it at your pace, with no schedule, no hassle, and no rush! You do it at your pace!
  • All courses are fully automated, so you can stop at your leisure & when you come back you simply pick up where you left off!
  • If you need to double-check on something to make sure you’ve got it, you can!
  • The lightning protection training courses are broken down into modules, and in each module, there are a series of specific training units.
  • You can do the whole course at one time or break it down into either modules or specific training units.
  • As soon as you finish a training unit, it is automatically recorded to your personal file, keeping you fully up to date with your progress.
  • When you have successfully finished, you will be awarded your certificate, but it doesn’t end there!
  • Everyone successfully completing a lightning protection course will have a two-year unlimited membership allowing you to access & review all the modules & training units for the course you have completed, this can be accessed through your phone, tablet or computer, so even if you are on-site or out in the field and you just need to check a specific task, you can!
  • After your two-year membership, you will be invited back for a discounted sum of £100.00 plus VAT for a further two-year membership, which will give you all this and any updates automatically

Frequently Asked Questions on Lightning Protection Operative Training

Atlas Approved Lightning Protection Training Provider
ATLAS Approved Lightning Protection Operative Training Provider
  • Single Licence – If you are an individual wanting this course/qualification for yourself, only select the single licence route
  • Company/Group Licence – If you are part of or in charge of a group, or perhaps a company, selecting the company/group licence route will be more suitable. This allows the adding of additional candidates at your discretion, and it will also calculate the overall number allowing the discount structure to accumulate.
  • Yes, this is available automatically using the company/group route, also over time when you add further candidates the system automatically calculates how many you have overall and will take you straight into the next discount bracket where applicable, prior to purchase
    • The company/group discount structure is as follows;
      • 05 to 09 Seats – 15% Discount
      • 10 to 19 Seats – 20% Discount
      • 20 to 49 Seats – 25% Discount
      • 50 Plus Seats – 40% Discount
  • Yes – The system will automatically calculate how many engineers are registered to that company group, if you added extra and went into the next discount bracket, any added after that time would be at that rate.
  • When you first book a company/group training programme, it will ask for the details of who you want to look after the group; this is saved on the system as the group manager, the nominated person then overseas the whole process on behalf of the company/group including the likes of
    • For allocation of licences to candidates, you simply input their name & email address, and the system does the rest.
    • Monitor progress, with access to the training records of the whole group.
    • View & upload training certification when completed by candidates/engineers
    • Dedicated access to IT support & training provider
  • Yes – You would simply allocate one of the licences to yourself by inputting your name/email address into the system, and this will automatically allocate a slot for yourself, then to access, you would go to your dashboard (Once logged in) and commence with the training programme.
  • The Lightning Protection online training course is designed to allow a candidate to do it at their own pace. Some with existing LP experience & knowledge have completed it in one full day and been awarded their certification.
  • However, it allows a candidate to do it at their pace, with no schedule, hassle, or rush! It’s fully automated, so they can stop at their leisure & when they come back, they simply pick up where they left off.

Yes – When a candidate has successfully finished, a certificate is produced automatically and added to the online record. This allows them full access to upload at any time & also the group manager.

  • There is no need, once a candidate has successfully completed the course & has been awarded their certification, they have a two-year academy membership which allows them to log in to their account as normal providing full access so they can then replay/review/re-watch any or all the training units within the eLearning programme they have competed

As it is online, they can log in anywhere via phone, tablet, or, laptop and watch whatever they need to review, the academy has been informed this is an excellent feature and used extensively by engineers that have completed the training.

  • I hate to say this, but most of the time, this is password related; if it comes back with the username/password is not recognised, try a second time just to check, or go to the bottom of the box and click on the Forgotten Password link, it will ask for your username/email address input that clicks on reset password, the system will send an email with instructions on how to reset your password to get access onto your academy account.
  • If there are further issues, go to the top right-hand side of the home page and click on the Contact Us link; send an email with the contact details we will get back to you to resolve the issue.
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