BSEN 62305 Foundation Course - Coming Soon

BSEN 62305 Foundation Course


‘The Lightning Protection Standard BSEN 62305 Foundation Course for All’

A complete lightning protection training course on BSEN 62305 for the design, installation and testing of lightning protection systems, the outcome to understand & apply the standard to the requirements and in accordance with your specific needs.

Available to all whether you have no previous knowledge or you are already experienced and using it for CPD (Continued Professional Development).

This lightning protection training course provides everything you require, plus  a two-year membership of the Academy providing unlimited access 24/7 so you can come back to review, reassess, check or even show a client, any or all training units & modules at your leisure

BSEN 62305 Accreditation

The BSEN 62305 Accreditation course comes in 5No Modules and in each module, there are a series of training units to match that of the BSEN 62305 standard: Giving BSEN 62305 Accreditation on completion.

  1. BSEN 62305/1 2011 – General Principles
  2. BSEN 62305/2 2012 – Risk Management
  3. BSEN 62305/3 2011 – Physical damage to structures and life hazard
  4. BSEN 62305/4 2011 – Electrical and electronic systems within structures
  5. Documentation & Support admin

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