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Available Lightning Protection Qualifications - NVQs

For Lightning Protection Qualifications and to obtain your CSCS Skills Card / Lightning Protection Systems (LPS).  Millbrook First Academy provide the full package from the advice to suit you & the best route to take to meet with your requirements from the initial training, with assistance & advice to the gaining of the necessary experience & knowledge, all the way through to and including the assessment of the NVQ, and on successful completion the award of your chosen NVQ Qualification. For full details check out the links below or to discuss in greater depth contact Colin on 079072014292.

Select one of the following Lightning Protection Qualifications;

Other NVQ qualifications through Millbrook First Academy

NVQ Delivery Methods Available Through Millbrook First Academy

  • OSAT (On-Site Assessment Training)
  • EWPA (Experienced Worker Practical Assessment)
  • Alternative to the LPS Apprentice Route

Millbrook First is a NSAC Accredited NVQ Assessor for all of the above Lightning Protection and Fall Arrest Qualifications
Millbrook First Academy for Lightning Protection Qualifications

Millbrook First is an official CITB ATO (Approved Training Organisation)

If you are registered with and have a CITB Company Number, Millbrook First will automatically apply for any ‘Short Duration Course Achievement Grants currently available which can be used towards the above mentioned NVQ Lightning Protection Qualifications;

  • Working at Height for LPS Engineers (GET1689 / Tier 1)
  • Lightning Protection Test & Inspection (LPS T&I) (GET0114 / Tier 2)
  • Lightning Protection Test & Inspection – Renewal (GET0115 / Tier 1)
  • CAT4 & Genny (GET0002 / Tier 1)
  • Safe Earth Testing (GET0114 / Tier 2)
  • Safe Earth Testing – Renewal (GET0115 / Tier 1)
  • BSEN 62305 Introduction/Installation/Design (GET0107/Tier 2)
  • BSEN 62305 Introduction/Installation/Design – Renewal (GET0107/Tier 2)

Our Recent Graduates - Proudly Showing Their Certificates

Harry Stevens

Double NVQ Level 3 LPS AND NVQ Level 3 LPS T&I
11 months ago
Harry Stevens_Double NVQ L3_LPS & T&I

John Wherry

NVQ Level 3 LPS T&I
11 months ago
John Wherry_NVQ L3_T&I

Todd Finney

NVQ Level 2 Fall Arrest
11 months ago
Todd Finney_NVQ L2_FA

Simon Lowe

NVQ Level 2 Fall Arrest
11 months ago
Simon Lowe_NVQ L2_FA

Mark Sadler

NVQ Level 3 LPS T&I
11 months ago
Mark Sadler_NVQ L3 T&I


NVQ Level 3 LPS T&I
11 months ago
Lewis Sowing his Level 3 NVQ Qualification

Ben Neath

NVQ Level 2 LPS
11 months ago
Ben Neath_NVQ L2 LPS

For full details or to discuss in greater depth, please contact Millbrook First Academy on 01362 691603 or contact Colin direct on Mobile 07972 014292 

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