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John Clancy

Colin is very experienced, ultra professional and a top guy to work with. Would highly recommend to anybody looking to gain lightning conductor / T&I qualifications. The online training portal is a huge bonus with easy to navigate training videos, people of all levels of experience can make us these for either refresher courses or
Posted: 25/10/2021

McGimpsey Vallis Ltd

The course was presented in a simple, straightforward, and informative manner and we are very pleased we chose Millbrook First for our needs. We would also like to thank Colin for his post-course support in helping us to implement the training in real-world scenarios too as it provided a great amount of reassurance. We would
Posted: 15/09/2021

Jessica Metcalfe

I really enjoy learning the information, all the information was relevant and precise. I now have a better understanding.
Posted: 09/09/2021

Bailey Silverwood

I found the Course extremely informative however at times a little Stale and hard to follow. I don’t believe this to be a fault of the provider but more the topic ( lightning protection) it’s self but as someone with no Prior experience I feel confident in undertaking an inspection after completing this course I
Posted: 24/08/2021

Mark Vallis

A great course which was explained clearly with great videos. I just need to run through parts again to familiarise myself again as a lot to take in and see what parts will be relevant in a real situation. Our company would also like to if possible book a on-site practical test of a real
Posted: 18/08/2021

John McGimpsey

Very good course and easy to understand
Posted: 15/08/2021

Jason Bowden

Course was really well run, company was very hopeful, knowledgeable and nothing was to much hassel. Would highly recommend to anyone
Posted: 15/07/2021

John Chambers

Colin, I really enjoyed the course, I thought it was well laid out and informative. The testing and inspection videos were invaluable, as always a picture is better than a thousand words. I was using the course to gain a better understanding of LPS inspection and testing, and this certainly fulfilled my objective. My plan
Posted: 01/07/2021

Jack Phelps

Colin was an amazing teacher, he thought me so much about Lightning Protection, amazing lessons for an amazing price! However I would appreciate a bit more time in the future as me being autistic I struggled to get it done in a couple weeks, it took me a couple months every day for 8 weeks.
Posted: 29/06/2021

Andrzej Cyniak

Great and content continue reported great for understanding content Thanks
Posted: 18/06/2021
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