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Why Choose The Lightning Protection Academy

Our courses are written by a highly-experienced practitioner in the field of lightning protection.

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Insight & Experience

Our courses bring real insight and experience into learning to contextualise and enhance the e-learning experience. We don’t provide generalist training; we just teach the disciplines that we have genuine expertise in and our tutors have a proven track record in this discipline.


The aim of our courses is to enable you to acquire knowledge and understanding using a mode of study that fits in with your work and other commitments. Different people will be able to allocate different amounts of time per week to follow the course. The important thing is that you go at your own pace in order to ensure that you understand and learn the information which it contains. All information needed will be provided by the study unit text in a progressive and logical way.

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Effective Training

We recognise that e-learning is a cost-effective training method and is becoming an important part of many organisations’ training and development activities which is why the Lightning Protection Academy now offer e-learning courses to complement classroom-based learning, and Lightning Protection NVqs we traditionally offer.

Industry Leading Training & Certifications

Online Training

Lightning protection qualifications courses

Classroom Training

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NVQ Qualifications

Industry Supporters & Contributors

We are dedicated to supporting the advancement of the lightning protection industry and we are proud to work with many industry partners and organisations.

Trusted By Customers And Industry Experts Alike

At the Lightning Protection Academy we are teaching 2,000 students a year while making Lightning Testing & Inspection less stressful, more productive and hopefully just a little more professional. We’re honoured and humbled by the great feedback we regularly receive from our customers on a daily basis. We’re proud to have maintained our customer satisfaction rate at 98% – increasing it every year for the past five years.

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Trevor Cooper


The course is very informative. The instructor is very knowledgeable and gets the point across in a simplified way so it can be understood easily.

Posted: 09/08/2023

Michael Reed


The course was very interesting and professionally delivered. Everything is clearly structured, and all the information is very well explained. I look forward to doing another one.

Posted: 24/07/2023

Michael McCarthy.


Colin Saunders is very helpful and informative which helped me get through the nvq experience with ease, he was always available to speak to if you needed any additional help or advice. Colin is a very approachable guy and a great advocate for the industry, carry on the great work Col.

Posted: 19/07/2023

David Louttit


A good comprehensive cover of the material

Posted: 28/06/2023

Pedro Mendes


Really helpful and informative training.

Posted: 16/06/2023

Kieran Feenix


I wouldn’t go anywhere else when it comes to any LP training. Millbrook Academy have created a syllabus that truly suits the needs of the learners. Easy to use and understand! Looking forward to progressing with more training using Millbrook Academy!

Posted: 12/05/2023

Michael ward


I have recently came back from attending my BS EN 62305 Foundation Course & I have to say that spending the day with Colin was an eye opening, constructive day. There was no stone unturned & easy to follow. Great Job Colin & proud to be taught once again by the best in the Industry.

Posted: 03/04/2023



I recently undertook the new BSEN62305 foundation course with Colin and a colleague of mine, we spent the day with Colin going over the requirements of the standard, Risk assessments, Surge protection etc.
I have been in the Industry for over 30 years, and With Colin’s knowledge of Lightning protection he has helped me better understand 62305 and its complexities in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Thank you Colin for helping some one who thought they knew this industry from what I was taught to having a better understanding than ever before. Truly Inspiring!

Posted: 01/04/2023

Andrew Higgins


Colin has managed to break down a complicated course into bite sized chunks making learning faster and easier. Quality work.

Posted: 22/03/2023

Colin Cooper


Brilliant course, I found it a good refresher and learning exercise. The e-learning course is great if you are embarking upon coming a LPS Engineer or as a refresher training, perhaps for CPD. The video tutorials are clear and gives you invaluable instructions when out in the field, conducting LPS Testing and Inspection.

Posted: 07/02/2023
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