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Why Choose The Lightning Protection Academy

Our courses are written by a highly-experienced practitioner in the field of lightning protection.

Successful NVQ's Awarded

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NVQ Level 2 LPS Installation
NVQ Level 3 LPS Installation
NVQ Level 3 LPS T&I
NVQ Level 2 Fall Arrest

Successful Online Training Certificates Awarded

Online LPS T&I
Online BSEN 62305 Foundation
Online Working at Height

Successful Classroom Training Certificates Awarded

Classroom LPS T&I
Classroom BSEN 62305 Accreditation
Classroom Working at Height
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Insight & Experience

Our courses bring real insight and experience into learning to contextualise and enhance the e-learning experience. We don’t provide generalist training; we just teach the disciplines that we have genuine expertise in and our tutors have a proven track record in this discipline.


The aim of our courses is to enable you to acquire knowledge and understanding using a mode of study that fits in with your work and other commitments. Different people will be able to allocate different amounts of time per week to follow the course. The important thing is that you go at your own pace in order to ensure that you understand and learn the information which it contains. All information needed will be provided by the study unit text in a progressive and logical way.

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Effective Training

We recognise that e-learning is a cost-effective training method and is becoming an important part of many organisations’ training and development activities which is why the Lightning Protection Academy now offer e-learning courses to complement classroom-based learning, and Lightning Protection NVqs we traditionally offer.

Industry Leading Training & Certifications

Online Training

Protection Against Lightning

Classroom Training

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NVQ Qualifications

Industry Supporters & Contributors

We are dedicated to supporting the advancement of the lightning protection industry and we are proud to work with many industry partners and organisations.

Trusted By Customers And Industry Experts Alike

At the Lightning Protection Academy we are teaching 2,000 students a year while making Lightning Testing & Inspection less stressful, more productive and hopefully just a little more professional. We’re honoured and humbled by the great feedback we regularly receive from our customers on a daily basis. We’re proud to have maintained our customer satisfaction rate at 98% – increasing it every year for the past five years.

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John Jones


Informative, well structured. Easy to understand. Just need to put it all into practice.

Posted: 16/07/2024

Paul Gibbons


Dear Colin
Thank you for visiting our offices today and starting our NVQs students up on their courses. You really seem to go over and above all requirements that we have at DAB Lift and Electrical Services Ltd. All of the course content is excellent. I will happily send all of our staff to you new and old to bring them up the industry’s required standards.
I have had nothing but nice words from our engineers about you.

What more can i say, but thank you and look forward to working with you in the very near future.

Kind regards


Posted: 11/07/2024

Gytis Rimkus


very good course and not boring at all to up my knowledge.

Posted: 07/07/2024

Ashley Dale


I’ve attended two separate courses with Millbrook First, and both experiences have been great. Colin is very knowledgeable in both the theoretical and practical aspects of lightning protection, and he delivers training content in a manner that is easily understood by everyone.

Posted: 04/07/2024

Tomass januss


Absolutely brilliant, easy and understandable to watch and listen to, great questions and definitely worth the certificate

Posted: 04/07/2024

David Louttit


I found this course to be great for achieving my NVQ3. In particular, I found the test & inspection modules to be very useful. Along with this, I also found the video examples of the required video evidence to be most helpful.
As well as the online support, Colin himself was a fantastic tutor who was extremely helpful, approachable and accommodating. I would definitely use Millbrook first again.

Thank you Colin for all your help!

Posted: 03/07/2024

Adrian wright


Colin really has a good style of putting information across that was very effective, He made me/ us feel at ease yet let us know the consequence of not performing at the level required.
I wish more instructors on all the courses we attend had his style!
I would MOST defiantly recommend Colin and colleagues to anyone looking to attain the qualification they are striving for. Relaxed, informative and an excellent manner. 10’out of 10’for sure

Posted: 25/06/2024

Dane Cassin


Very informative and Communication is very easy and accessible, thank you.

Posted: 14/06/2024

Levi stubbings


Colin is a very knowledgeable man and he has helped me out along the way with any issues that I have come across. This learning academy is exceptionally well set out and it has been a pleasure to do my qualification with Millbrook First (*****)

Posted: 12/06/2024

David Kemp


I found the course to be extremely well delivered. The narrator did well to ensure that the key points were hammered home. I also found the short videos very helpful, as I am a visual learner.

Posted: 07/06/2024
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