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Certificate of Competence

Your Certificate of Competence will be issued on successful completion of the course and will last for two years. You can get out there and start carrying out the various tasks you have been training for, all the time gaining further experience & knowledge along the way to becoming a skilled LP Engineer.

lightning Protection Academy
lightning Protection Academy

Academy Membership Access 24/7

From the date you are issued with your Certificate of Competence you will have full access to your online academy membership account which allows you to revisit at any time to review part or all of the training you have completed.

You can re-examine, re-check and review all the associated modules right up until the expiry date of your certification. This comes into its own when you are out in the field, providing instant access to any training unit. You will be able to check a technique or process, anywhere and at any time.

Academy Membership - Renewals & Refresher

When your Certificate of Competence is due for renewal, you will automatically get access to the discounted fee of £100.00 plus VAT. This will allow you to do the refresher training, retake & update your Certification of Competence for the specific course you are registered for and provide you with another two year full support package.

lightning Protection Academy
lightning Protection Academy

Academy Membership - Updates & Revisions

This includes updates & changes to the training and any revisions to official lightning protection standards (BSEN 62305). All of this will be updated automatically and made available to you.

Additional Qualifications

It does not end there, with the experience & knowledge you gain, backed by this training & certification received, this will prepare you to move on to gaining an NVQ Lightning Protection Qualification should you wish to pursue this. The Academy can provide you with the routes for all three of highly acclaimed Lightning Protection Engineer Qualifications

lightning Protection Academy
lightning Protection Academy

Lightning Protection Qualification NVQs

Other NVQ Qualifications

The Complete Package

Once you have been awarded your Lightning Protection NVQ Qualifications you will be able to apply for the Blue & Gold CSCS Skills Cards. This provides clients, employers and contractors with a consistent means of recognising that an individual has achieved the agreed standard of qualification and skill in the occupation they are working in to give the industry confidence in that brand – allowing you to get out there & do your job!

We look forward to working with you.

lightning Protection Academy

Feedback & Reviews

Daren Joyce

Great course everything easily explained,our trainer was a down to earth really likeable guy Would highly recommend
Posted: 22/06/2022

Stuart Moore

All the courses have well explained videos which helps It’s great you can read check your answers on questions just to remind cap Thanks again to Colin credit to the industry
Posted: 10/06/2022


Really good made the course fun and enjoyable
Posted: 12/05/2022

Haroon Hussain

The course was well structured and informative. The modules are broken down into manageable sections which keep the learners attention and also allow for the information to be processed. The recap sections and the key points slides to recall information from sections are also extremely useful in terms of breaking down and allowing you to
Posted: 09/05/2022

Paul Canham

Thank you Colin for all your help, course was excellent, well presented enjoyed doing it all Appreciate all your help, Many thanks,
Posted: 19/04/2022

Phil Griffiths

Did this course in my own time when I had spare time and the amount of information I’ve taken in is immense. Colin goes into so much depth I’m the course and refreshed my memory and also learnt and gained more knowledge along the way which I’ve not had. Great course and a great training
Posted: 31/03/2022

Errol Campbell

The best and easiest way I have ever taken any exam professional explaination clear and precise order of facts about what you need to do . For me perfect and of course I passed . Thank you very much.
Posted: 20/03/2022

Stuart moore

Hi I would like to say a massive thank you to Collins Sanders I’ve been an engineer with EES for 32 years and every day it’s seems inn the industry there’s totally different Challenges …. The overall course was a breath off fresh air Colin talked and explained everything inn a true professional manner And
Posted: 06/02/2022

Riess Boyd

Really enjoyed this course, good laugh with Colin yet still very educational. I think it works well being flexible and you do it at your own pace. Would recommend the course to anyone who is looking to get into the lightning protection trade. Will be in contact with Colin regarding my next course.
Posted: 31/01/2022

Ian Morris

Fabulous training, really informative and well structured. It covers everything very thoroughly and interestingly. Really concise with the right amount of recapping to ensure the information sticks and at the end has a good amount of support material to help ensure that test and inspection reports can be carried out in a consistent format
Posted: 08/01/2022
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