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Working at Height Course for Lightning Protection Engineers

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Working at Height for Lightning Protection Engineers course. The Academy has produced the following fully comprehensive e-learning package, specifically as a training aid in preparation for the ‘Face to Face’ classroom-based ATLAS ‘Approved’ Working at Height training course.

  • The package provides all the information in preparation for an engineer to complete the ATLAS Approved course and would ask you simply try it out.
  • On successfully completing the Working at Height for Lightning Protection Engineers, they will be issued a Certificate of Attendance. Which can be saved in their CPD (Continuous Professional Development) files as with any training received, but please note that it cannot be used for the renewal of CSCS Cards until it has been approved.
  • It is your course; you do it at your pace, with no schedule, hassle, or rush!
  • It’s fully automated so that you can stop at your leisure & when you come back, you pick up where you left off!
  • If you need to double-check on something to make sure you have got it, you can!
  • The course is broken down into modules, in each module, there are a series of training units. ·You can do the whole course at one time or break it down into either modules or specific training units.
  • When you finish a training unit, it is automatically recorded in your personal file. ·When you have successfully finished, you will be awarded your certificate.

FREE – Working at Height for Lightning Protection Engineers Course

This package is available for all wishing to carry it out completely free of charge; we ask that you provide feedback at the end to let us know if the content & information provided was valuable & assisted if carrying out the Face to Face approved training.

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