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Lightning Protection Systems Testing and Inspection Qualification

Millbrook First Academy is extremely proud of the success of the E-Learning Course for Lightning Protection systems Testing and Inspection (LPS T&I) we now have over 100 candidates registered, completed or in progress on the course, the feedback has been fabulous.

Group Licence – Lightning Protection Systems Testing and Inspection Qualification

But one of the really big positives to come out of the delivery from this is the Group Licence Courses, where an employer can book, nominate engineers, monitor & review their progress through to completion and then add others as and when they want or need to.

This type of training has come into its own with the difficulties we have all experienced over the past year, but we at Millbrook First are still providing and delivering Face to Face training for companies that prefer the instructor to come to them, saving them the costs associated with travel & accommodation in getting their workforce to a training venue, Millbrook First brings it to you.

Face-to-Face – Lightning Protection Systems Testing and Inspection Qualification

All participants completing the Face-to-Face lightning protection systems testing and inspection – classroom-based training course are invited to join the E-Learning as well, at a discounted cost per person, and just like the E-Learning from the date you are issued with their Certificate of Competence they will have full access to their online academy membership account which allows the individual to revisit at any time to review part or all of the training they have completed.

They can re-examine, re-check and review all the associated modules right up until the expiry date of the certification. This comes into its own when they are out in the field, providing instant access to any training unit. They will be able to check a technique or process, anywhere and at any time.

The membership includes updates & changes to the training and any revisions to official lightning protection standards (BSEN 62305), all of this will be updated automatically and made available to the member.

NVQ Level 3 – Lightning Protective Systems Inspecting and Testing qualification (QUF 855)

Both the E-Learning & Face to Face LPS T&I courses are based on the NVQ Level 3 – Lightning Protective Systems Inspecting and Testing qualification (QUF 855), specifically the Test & Inspection Unit R/503/9823 (QCF 325), providing stepping stones for engineers to move onwards & upwards to the NVQ Level 3 Qualification which allows for the application of the coveted CSCS Gold Skills Card for LPS T&I Engineers.

For further details on lightning protection training please go to the following link:

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E-learning Style of Lightning Protection training – Free Trial

If you are new to e-learning as a style of training or you are not sure if Lightning Protection Systems Testing and Inspection is the correct course for you. take our no-obligation Free Trial to get started.

Or to discuss the Face to Face lightning protection training in greater depth please do not hesitate to contact Colin on either:

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