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Fall Arrest Engineer NVQ Level 2 Videos

Use the following example videos to help you create your own. Remember when creating your own videos:

  • Always start your video showing the face of the person and saying their name
  • Keep them under 3 mins at most (As short as possible is always better)
  • Keep them to a specific task
  • Make you have on the correct PPE when doing specific tasks
  • If you make a mistake do not worry, just mention it, correct it and move on
  • Have a little fun doing them, we don’t need Brad Pitt we need you to simply tell us what you are doing to do and how you are going to do it.

Example Video List

Table of Contents

V01 Documentation

Describe how you collect the job/task paperwork, explain what the paper work consists of (RAMS, specifications, materials list, plant & access equipment you need) the client’s details where & when you are meant to be there, what you do if there is anything you find that may be incorrect, or what you would do if you didn’t understand something?

V02 Planning/Scheduling

Describe how things are planned in how your company organises the work schedule, if your programme is for one site or include several site visits over a day/week, explain why it is important to keep to the plan and what might happen if you don’t, how do you speak to if there are issues/problems

V03 Back Of Van/Manual Handling

Back of van, show how you safely load & store materials, plant & access equipment, explain that when moving anything you take into consideration Manual Handling, breaking down loads perhaps using a wheelbarrow or another lifting aid to get it in back of van, or getting it delivered direct to site if there is lots of it or it is very heavy or awkward to load/lift.

V03.1 Back of van

V03.2 Manual Handling

V04 Site Arrival/Site Signage

Arrival at site, go through the Signage you will see (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow/Black) explain and give some examples i.e. the Blue Signage is Mandatory ‘Must Do’, you must wear PPE, Hard Hat, Safety Boots, High Vis, Etc.

V05 After Site/Safety Induction

After Induction (Alarms & emergency procedures, muster points, site specific requirements, welfare facilities, working with other contractors, what to do if something is wrong)

V06 First Aid Kit/Accident Reporting

Accident Reporting & First Aid, show & explain what you need to do when injured/hurt at work, fill in the Accident Report book, what information needs to be filled in, etc.

V06.1 First Aid Kit

V06.2 Accident Report Book

V07 Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal, explain that on site you normally get this info at induction or if not, you take it back to the office and sort through recycling most of it and the remaining non-recyclable stuff goes off to landfill

V08 Carbon Blueprint

Carbon Blue Print & how this affects you, use reducing paperwork with things like use of tablets, route planning of vans to keep milage use to a minimum

V08.1 Carbon Footprint

V08.1 Carbon Blueprint

V09 Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers, if possible, stand next to a fire point and explain the different fire extinguishers and what they can be used on

V09.1 Fire Extinguishers 1


V10 Ladder Storage/Pre-User Inspection

Ladder/Roof Crawler, show & explain how the kit is stored/secured on/in the van, then carry out a pre-user check on the ladder, followed by what you would do if there was something incorrect/damaged. Then rig it correctly 1:4 and making sure it is secured or footed.

V10.1 Ladder Inspection

V10.2 Ladder Use

V10.3 Ladder Rigging

V11 Safety Harness Storage/Pre-User Inspection

Safety Harness, show & explain how the kit is stored on the van, then demonstrate & explain how you carry out a pre-user check on the harness and what you would do if something was wrong

V11.1 Safety Harness Pre-User Check 1

V11.2 Safety Harness Pre-User Check 2

V12 Safety Harness - Donning Harness

Safety Harness, putting the harness on correctly ensuring a tight but comfortable fit, if there is someone there get them to do a Buddy Check to make sure it’s okay, say what happens if you find something wrong

V14 Safety Harness

Safety Harness, show you clipping on to anchor points, explaining and connecting it to Permanent Anchor Point an eye bolt and/or Man safe System, make sure you explain you check the certification and test dates are still valid, on a man safe if you’re at a clients say you asked & checked the certification and have permission to use it. Then do another using a Temporary Anchor Point i.e. Using the short lanyard on a safety harness for the chest position to a ladder to ensure three points of contact or using a tested strop around permanent steelwork

V14.1 Permanent Anchor Points

V14.2 Proprietary Anchor Points 1

V14.3 Proprietary Anchor Points 2

V14.4 Temporary Anchor Points

V15 Eye Bolt Installation

Demonstrate & describe the installation of eye bolt anchor point

V16 Pull Test/Inspection – Eye Bolt

Demonstrate & describe a pull test on an eye bolt anchor point, and what the inspection consists of

V17 Fixed Wire System Installation

Demonstrate & describe the installation of fixed wire fall protection system (if possible, do both a horizontal & vertical system)

V18 Pull Test/Inspection – Fixed Wire System

Demonstrate & describe a pull test on a swaged connection, and what the inspection consists of

V19 Vertical Ladder/Handrail Installation

Demonstrate & describe the installation of a vertical ladder & or hand rail system

V20 Inspection – Vertical Ladder/Handrail Installation

Demonstrate & describe what the inspection consists of to a vertical ladder or hand rail system

V21 MEWP – Pre-user check on the MEWP

MEWP – Pre-user check on the MEWP, walk the route, walk-around visual inspection and then running inspection checking hydraulics, etc., before using the kit.

V22 MEWP – Working from/using a MEWP

MEWP – Working from/using a MEWP and being clipped in using a safety harness/lanyard, and /or demonstrating when in at roof level exiting and connecting to fall protection at roof level

V23 Hazards Risks

List some risk hazards you would encounter on a site or in the workplace & how you report them

V24 Health Hazards

List a couple of health risks in the work place (Asbestos/Pigeon Droppings/Needles/Syringes)

V25 Site Behaviour

Give some examples of how your behaviour & actions affect others in the workplace

V26 Vehicle Security/Site Security

Give examples of how you secure the van to stop theft of materials, plant & access equipment and stop unauthorised access, at the end say that with large deliveries of materials that you sometimes have access to a secure site container/storage facility

V26.1 Van Site Security

V26.2 Van Site Security

V27 Keeping Work Area Clean & Tidy

Explain that when working why it is important to keep the work area clean & tidy, and how protect the area to minimize damage

V28 Process At End Of Task, Reports & Record Keeping, Signing Off

Show/explain what you do to when finished, witness testing, ensuring the install meets the specification, all the drawings are up date, all results are recorded, you have explained & got the site agent/Mgr to sign off they are complete

V29 Documentaion Office to Client

Explain what happens to the paperwork, handed back to the office where they prepare the O&M manual, including stuff like test certificate, specification, results & report, as installed drawing, maintenance schedule, etc this is all then sent off to the client.
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