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CA 6424 Earth Tester & Kit - Order Form

CA 6424 Earth Tester

CA 6424 Tester

The CA 6424 Tester (P01127014) RRP – £635.00

Rugged and waterproof, the CA 6424 earth tester can be used for 2P and 3P earth measurements in total safety. Text markings and colour coding help users to avoid connection errors. 

CG 72 Clamp

CG 72 Clamp

The CG 72 Clamp (P01120872) RRP – £215.00

The special G72 clamp meter enables the measurement of phase and leakage currents from 0.5 mA to 60 A with the earth tester C.A 6424.

3P Tester Kit 50M

3P Tester Kit/50m

The 3P Tester Kit/50m (P01102021) RRP – £261.00

The Chauvin 3P Earth Kit 50m comprise 2 T-shaped rods, 2 reels of cable (50m red, 50m blue), 1 cable winder (10m green), 1 mallet, 5 spade lug / Ø 4 mm banana plug adapters, 1 carrying bag.

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