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Welcome to the NVQ Level 3 LPS Engineer Qualification course. To get you started, there are example video assignments for you to watch. These video examples will give you an understanding of the evidence required to complete your NVQ Level 3 LPS Engineer Qualification.

Course Description

Use the following example videos to help you create your own. Remember when creating your video assignments:

  • Always start your video by showing the face of the person and saying their name
  • Keep them under 3 mins at most (As short as possible is always better)
  • Keep them to a specific task
  • Make you have on the correct PPE when doing specific tasks
  • If you make a mistake, do not worry. Just mention it, correct it and move on.
  • Have a little fun doing them; we don’t need Brad Pitt. We need you to simply tell us what you are doing and how you will do it.

Before You Start

How to Watch Video Examples – Each assignment has one or more videos as examples; to help you. Watch the short video below, which explains by example.

How to Upload Your Video Assignment – Watch the short video below, which explains by example. The steps to uploading your own video evidence.

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