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Working at Height Training for Lightning Protection Engineers

Millbrook First Academy has delivered the ATLAS Approved Working at Height training Lightning Protection Engineers for many years. Traditionally delivered Face to Face in a classroom environment. But, the world is changing, as a result, we have developed as a trail an E-Learning course. As a potential alternative to the current course. Which is mandatory for the renewal of the LPS CSCS Skills Cards and only available via ATLAS approved ‘Face to Face’ Working at Height training courses for Lightning Protection Engineers.

Free Trial e-Learning – Working at Height Training Lightning Protection Engineers

The Lightning Protection Academy is trying to see if this ‘Working at Height Training Lightning Protection Engineers” is a suitable alternative lightning protection training programme to assist industry and save on the time, money & resource associated with trying to organise a workforce to attend traditional classroom courses like this away from their place of work.

This alternative trial is live on the Academy website and available for you & your workforce to try, it has been set up and designed to contain the same content as the current ATLAS Approved Working at Height course for Lighting Protection Engineers. But in the electronic E-Learning format. Thus, allowing you and your workforce the freedom to carry it out at leisure.

Complete, Certificate Issued and Review at Any Time.

Like all the electronic lightning protection training offered by Millbrook First Academy once completed and certification issued all candidates will have full access to their online membership account which allows the individual to revisit at any time to review part or all, of the training they have completed.

They can re-examine, re-check and review all the associated modules right up until the expiry date of the certification. This comes into its own when they are out in the field, providing instant access to any training unit. They will be able to check a technique or process, anywhere and at any time.

We hope that this meets both your requirements and that of ATLAS, so please can we ask you to ‘have a go’ or better still get your workforce to do the ‘Working at Height Training Lightning Protection Engineers” course. And, then let us at the Academy know your thoughts. Once we have established if this is a suitable delivery platform, the Academy can then approach & discuss directly with ATLAS with a view to hopefully getting it the approved status, so you & your workforce can then use the approved certification issued as required to renew LPS CSCS Skills Cards.

On completion of the Free Trial, you will still be issued with a “Certificate of Completion” which can be added to your portfolio as CPD, but we at the Academy as mentioned above feel that this could be an appropriate alternative to the current training to get LPS CSCS Skills Cards renewed, and if approved by ATLAS the Academy will offer this to industry FOC. Please click on the following link, it will take you straight there – Free Trial E-Learning – Working At Height Lightning Protection Engineers.

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