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Learner Induction Sign Off

I confirm that I have received the Learner Induction Pack containing the following:

  1. NVQ/SVQ Qualifications and Units
  2. Learner Responsibilities
  3. Assessor Responsibilities
  4. Internal Quality Assurer Responsibilities
  5. External Quality Advisor/External Verifier Responsibilities
  6. Administrator Responsibilities
  7. Appeals Procedure
  8. Malpractice
  9. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  10. Equal Opportunities Policy
  11. Compliments/Complaints Procedure

Learner Declaration: The above 11 points have been explained to me by my assessor as part of my Induction and I understand them and what is involved with my qualification. I am aware of my rights, responsibilities and available actions whilst undertaking my qualification.

Assessor Declaration: I confirm that the learner has been inducted and has retained the Learner Induction Pack. The learner has acknowledged that they understand the 11 points contained within the Induction Pack and what their involvement is with their qualification. They are also aware of their rights, responsibilities and available actions whilst undertaking their qualification.

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