The Lightning Protection Academy
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What The LPS T&I E-Learning Course Includes

  • A bespoke online e-learning programme to meet with the specific requirements to allow you to commence with the testing & inspection of lightning protection systems.
  • It’s your course, you do it at your pace, no schedule, no hassle, no rush! You do it at your pace!
  • Its fully automated, so you can stop at your leisure & when you come back you simply pick up where you left off!
  • If you need to double-check on something to make sure you’ve got it, you can!
  • The course is broken down into modules, in each module, there are a series of training units.
  • You can do the whole course at one time, or break it down into either modules or specific training units.
  • As soon as you finish a training unit, it is automatically recorded to your personal file.
  • When you have successfully finished, you will be awarded your certificate, and it doesn’t end there!

It will provide your engineers with a 2 Year Academy Membership to the Lightning Protection Testing & Inspection E-learning package, including the likes of

  • Module 1 – Introduction (8No Training Units)
  • Module 2 – Testing Techniques (15No Training Units)
  • Module 3 – Inspection Protocols (19No Training Units)
  • Module 4 – Documentation (Templates, Downloads & Associated Links)
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